Born with the intention to offer a home to those who for reasons of work or for the mere pleasure of visiting our city, are far from their homes.

Cares for its styles, because we have a particular form of decorating space or environment, through certain patterns, compositions, shapes, colors, furniture and even some architecture, which are linked to a socio-cultural context which gives them certain characteristics, leaving nothing to chance.

 What are inspired our apartments?


            Apartment inspired atmosphere Loft (originated in New York, 50s). Space divisions and with few bright provoking calm. It is a social phenomenon that translates into a way of life and cutting-edge high level.
It is a functional apartment but without sacrificing the comfort. In him we have innovated and released rules already established, which defines the avant-garde well as our only rule was not respected no rules.



Apartment with close to the station Renfe, well communicated, 10 minutes walk from the pedestrian zone and therefore area attractions and shopping.
The building has elevators. His description on equipment is exactly the same as mentioned in the apartments above, with some exceptions.
The apartment has three environments (inspiration loft), which is its maximum capacity of 7 persons, with two double beds, a sofa bed and a sofa bed in the living room.
Have bathroom with spa bath with shower and toilet with whirlpool shower.